Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hemp Industries Association 2014 Conference

We hope that you have already made plans to attend the upcoming HIA Conference in Washington, DC, which will be held on Sunday and Monday September 21st -22nd. If not, please don't wait any longer. We have lined up a number of very interesting speakers for the conference. 
This year's featured speakers are:
  • KEYNOTE: Doug Fine, author of Hemp Bound
  • Patrick D. Goggin, Esq., California Hemp Update
  • John W. Roulac, CEO & founder at Nutiva
  • Christina Volgyesi, marketing director of Dr. Bronner's
  • Steve Allin, author Building with Hemp
  • Professor George Weiblen, University of Minnesota
  • Shaun Crew, CEO at Hemp Oil Canada
  • Jace Callaway, PhD, Co-Breeder of Finola hemp variety from Finland
  • Anita Hemmila, Co-Breeder of Finola hemp variety from Finland
CBD Discussion Panel (*invited):
  • Tamar Wise, B. Chem, MCDB at Nutrawerx
  • Michel Stoltz, CEO Hemp Wellness
  • Martin Lee*, CBD Project
  • Brian Fiske*, Epilepsy Foundation, Government Relations Associate
  • and more TBA...
2014 HIA Conference & Lobby Day Highlights content & schedule are subject to changes, check the HIA web site for updates.  

Tentative Schedule:
  • Registration & badge pickup begins on Sunday at 8:00am
  • Conference takes place on Sunday from 9:00am-6:00pm
  • Dinner on Sunday at 7:30pm at restaurant TBD
  • Lobby Day on Monday from 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Legislative Reception at 5:00pm
  • HIA Board meeting is on evening of Monday 

Registration Fee, just $300 by August 21st The registration fee includes lunch and dinner on Sunday, September 21st. (The hotel offers breakfast in their restaurant next to The Dubliner pub.) It also includes attendance to our Annual General Meeting, panel discussions and awards dinner, as well as the opportunity to network with other members. It also includes the Lobby Day on Monday, September 22nd, which includes training at the hotel in the morning. Your travel, lodging and meals (except as noted above) are NOT included. 

Lobby Day Only - General Registration Fee: $75 per person June 16 to September 12. If you are registering for the entire conference, you do not need to register for this event. 
The registration fee includes training at the hotel in the morning and an HIA Supporting membership. You will be on your own for breakfast and lunch. Your travel, lodging and meals (except as noted above) are not included. Visit website to reserve your spot. 

Exhibitor TableWe are also offering table space to attending companies who are interested in exhibiting their products. The rate is $100 for 1/4 of an 8 foot table. If you would like more space, just update the quantity of 1/4 table units in your cart.  To pay via PayPal, which also accepts credit cards, please click the button below. Visit website to reserve your spot. 

Hotel Info
Phoenix Park Hotel
520 North Capitol St NW
Washington, DC 20001
Toll Free: 1-877-237-2082

Please note: Attendees are responsible for making their own room reservations. Early booking is highly recommended. Once our block of reserved rooms runs out, we cannot guarantee the hotel will have a room for you. You may call the hotel to make your reservation or you may book onlineWhen you call, please remember to mention the Hemp Industries Association Annual or Group Code 18949 when booking to get the HIA group rate and be sure to get a reservation confirmation number. If you are booking online atwww.phoenixparkhotel.com remember to enter the Group Code 18949 to obtain our group rate.


About the Hemp Industries Association 

The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) represents the interests of the hemp industry and encourages the research and development of new products made from industrial hemp, oilseed and fiber varieties of Cannabis.
The 2014 HIA Conference, Lobby Day & Legislative Reception
in Washington, DC - September 21 & 22, 2014


Don't Delay...
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Kentucky State Ag and Federal Government reach deal on Hemp seeds

The state of Kentucky and the Federal government have reached a deal that now make it to import Industrial Hemp seeds into this country.  The deal has allowed the state of Kentucky to end its lawsuit against them.

The deal is now legal and gives the farmers of Kentucky a genuine and legitimate process by which they can procure the seeds they want to farm.  This will make the logistical process much easier to approach and in the long term lower production cost.  It will also alleviate some of the insurance costs of the process.

As of right now, Kentucky is the only state to have this in place.  We hope it will spread to the entire country.

Unfortunately, in the deal the Kentucky Department of Agriculture gave the federal government the authority to control the cultivation and the marketing of the hemp.  I see this as a loss.  This could behave like a commerce clause kind of catch.  The federal government now has the authority to control the entire process from seed to final product.

I am glad but also apprehensive.  It would've been better if the lawsuit had gone all the way.

Monday, July 28, 2014

HIA sponsors a Industrial Hemp Building Course in Colorado

Fort Collins, CO(July 26, 2014)-The Hemp Industries Association is proud to announce a three day Hemp building course in Colorado.  The course is a hands-on tutorial on all aspects of building with the green raw material of Industrial Hemp.

Participants will be building an actual structure using the raw material.  Each person will be taught the theory and application of the building material.

The course will be onsite and take place September 5-7.  The cost for members of HIA is $350.00.  The cost for non-members of HIA is $400.00 USD.  Camping on the site is available.

To sign up and find out more please go to this link:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

State Senator Jason Holsman is sponsoring another Hemp Farming bill in Missouri

Tell him Steven Wilson sent you. He still uses the cues words I gave him and I hope this time he can bring more people to the dinner table. Let him know you support Hemp farming in Missouri.

Contact Jason at
816.942.2767 (campaign)
(573) 751-6607 (office in Jeff city)

Remember, tell him and his staff that Steven Wilson sent you. The Missouri Hemp Network is ready to make Missouri strong again.

Don't let up.  The public servant says one thing and does another.  We must continue to push for Hemp farming in America.  If a public servant wants to sponsor a bill, then let them know it is a serious endeavor.  Don't let up!!

Peace in 2014 and beyond.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hemp Construction in Missouri Postponed

For the past three months I have been taking level of interest for the Midwest corridor in regards to people who wished to take training in using industrial hemp for construction.  It is a standard practice in New Zealand and other countries but is relatively unknown here; which is why I wanted to train people to use it.

Unfortunately I have not received enough interest to justify the enormous cost of the training.  I had eight people contact me and declared that they had the money and time to invest in the training.  That number needed to double and then some to make it financially approachable.  I did everything I could to keep the cost as low as possible, but this was directly tied to the number of participants.

I will keep the data sheets that I have collected.  If anyone else is interested please contact me and I will keep you on the list.  I will update those interested every six months starting now about the possibility of the training.

If the numbers increase I will try to give everyone a three month advance notice to aid in the planning.

Thank you for your support of industrial hemp.

Keep up the fight!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Missouri Hemp Network and Earth Day in Columbia

COLUMBIA, MO (April 22, 2014)-The Missouri Hemp Network is proud to announce that is will participate in this year's Earth day celebration at Peace Park in Columbia.  The event will held on April 27th in Peace Park which just off campus.  The event time is noon to 6:00pm.

This year we have as our sponsors: Dr. Bronner's Magic soap, Manitoba Harvest, Nutiva, Living Harvest, Nature's Path, Vote Hemp, and the Hemp Industries Association.  We also have Minawear Hemp Loungewear, Hemp Shield, and Kirei Canamo Hemp panels as a singular sponsor for the Missouri Hemp Network.

You can contact the Missouri Hemp Network at:

There is live music all day as well as numerous booths that will help educate visitors about Earth day.  For more information please go to : http://columbiaearthday.org/

Go green and live a better life!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Industrial Hemp construction training in Missouri

Midwest, Mid America, and Central Missouri Preliminary Notice

This is a notice to discover the level of interest for training in Industrial Hemp construction.  The options are a day long lecture series or a three day long hands-on (theory to application).  The training would likely take place in Missouri and would be fee based.  The more involved the lower the fee.

You can pay the fee as an individual or you can get a group rate if you are an established construction company.

Your background is not as crucial as your level of interest.  I am asking for serious inquiries only.  The committment must be complete for this to become a reality.

If you are serious about Industrial Hemp construction please contact the Missouri Hemp Network at


The actual time of the training is going to be established and coordinated with other similar events in America.  This will be situated and set at a later time when interest in such an event has met the threshold.

Thank you

Monday, March 24, 2014

South Carolina Senate Bill 389 goes to State House

For the first time in a long time, Industrial Hemp has been given a chance in the state of South Carolina.  Today, Senate Bill 389 passed in the state senate and is now going to the state house.  The bill would remove Industrial Hemp from the controlled substance act and allow South Carolina farmers the ability to cultivate the cash crop.

Republicans Kevin Bryant of Anderson and Lee Bright of Spartanburg sponsored the bill in the Senate.  This is a huge victory for southern farmers if it gets through.

Go Hemp and live in Truth!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hit the button and help Hemp grow

Hello People,

It is that time of year again.  It is never a good time to ask for donations; especially in this kind of economy, but it must be done.  The work is important for us and those that will come after us.  If you donate, as always, this is what you will be funding.

1.  Fees to enter various social events like fairs, conventions, Earth day, and other earth friendly farmer's markets.

2.  Cost of mailing those items that cannot be emailed as PDF.

3.  Transportation of industrial hemp items from social event to social event.

4.  Marketing strategies to continue the education of the people of Missouri about Industrial Hemp.

5.  Aid in making purchases for future new products for display to help connect customers to companies that produce industrial hemp final products.

Fundraising is key to success.  It is not the only variable, but it is a big one.  Help make 2014 a great year for industrial hemp.

The button for donations is at the top left hand corner of the website.  Or you can follow this link.

Thanks for all of your support.

Steven Wilson
Missouri Hemp Network


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Farm Bill and Industrial Hemp

The Farm Bill passed the U.S. House by a vote of 251 to 166. Section 7606, Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research, is in the final bill. That is the good news.

The main issue is access to seed. The federal government has stated it will leave these states alone, but they do not mention access to seed. Moving seed over state borders is still illegal. Please contact your local senator and rep and get the conversation started. 

Infrastructure of the Hemp industry is the foundation to success!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Jersey passes Industrial Hemp Bill

TRENTON, NJ — Both chambers of the New Jersey legislature voted Monday to enact a bill establishing industrial hemp cultivation licenses in the state.

The bill, Senate Bill 3110, was approved unanimously in the Senate on Monday by a 37-0 vote, followed in the Assembly by a vote of 65-8.  The bill now heads to the desk of Governor Chris Christie for final approval.

Under the bill, the Secretary of Agriculture can begin issuing licenses for the legal cultivation of industrial hemp, but not until the United States government takes action to exclude industrial hemp from the definition of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act, unless the Drug Enforcement Administration grants New Jersey a permit allowing hemp cultivation in the state.

The bill provides specific application procedures and requirements, including fingerprinting and criminal background checks for industrial hemp license applicants.