Monday, July 28, 2014

HIA sponsors a Industrial Hemp Building Course in Colorado

Fort Collins, CO(July 26, 2014)-The Hemp Industries Association is proud to announce a three day Hemp building course in Colorado.  The course is a hands-on tutorial on all aspects of building with the green raw material of Industrial Hemp.

Participants will be building an actual structure using the raw material.  Each person will be taught the theory and application of the building material.

The course will be onsite and take place September 5-7.  The cost for members of HIA is $350.00.  The cost for non-members of HIA is $400.00 USD.  Camping on the site is available.

To sign up and find out more please go to this link:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

State Senator Jason Holsman is sponsoring another Hemp Farming bill in Missouri

Tell him Steven Wilson sent you. He still uses the cues words I gave him and I hope this time he can bring more people to the dinner table. Let him know you support Hemp farming in Missouri.

Contact Jason at
816.942.2767 (campaign)
(573) 751-6607 (office in Jeff city)

Remember, tell him and his staff that Steven Wilson sent you. The Missouri Hemp Network is ready to make Missouri strong again.

Don't let up.  The public servant says one thing and does another.  We must continue to push for Hemp farming in America.  If a public servant wants to sponsor a bill, then let them know it is a serious endeavor.  Don't let up!!

Peace in 2014 and beyond.