Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hemp Construction in Missouri Postponed

For the past three months I have been taking level of interest for the Midwest corridor in regards to people who wished to take training in using industrial hemp for construction.  It is a standard practice in New Zealand and other countries but is relatively unknown here; which is why I wanted to train people to use it.

Unfortunately I have not received enough interest to justify the enormous cost of the training.  I had eight people contact me and declared that they had the money and time to invest in the training.  That number needed to double and then some to make it financially approachable.  I did everything I could to keep the cost as low as possible, but this was directly tied to the number of participants.

I will keep the data sheets that I have collected.  If anyone else is interested please contact me and I will keep you on the list.  I will update those interested every six months starting now about the possibility of the training.

If the numbers increase I will try to give everyone a three month advance notice to aid in the planning.

Thank you for your support of industrial hemp.

Keep up the fight!!

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