Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Industrial Hemp construction training in Missouri

Midwest, Mid America, and Central Missouri Preliminary Notice

This is a notice to discover the level of interest for training in Industrial Hemp construction.  The options are a day long lecture series or a three day long hands-on (theory to application).  The training would likely take place in Missouri and would be fee based.  The more involved the lower the fee.

You can pay the fee as an individual or you can get a group rate if you are an established construction company.

Your background is not as crucial as your level of interest.  I am asking for serious inquiries only.  The committment must be complete for this to become a reality.

If you are serious about Industrial Hemp construction please contact the Missouri Hemp Network at


The actual time of the training is going to be established and coordinated with other similar events in America.  This will be situated and set at a later time when interest in such an event has met the threshold.

Thank you

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