Monday, July 16, 2018

California Hemp Regulation 2018

On July 6th, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) published a document titled "FAQ - Industrial Hemp and Cannabidiol (CBD) Food Products." Please take a moment to review the document in full. In this document, the Department indicates that in California "any CBD products including CBD oil derived from hemp will not be allowed in food," including pet food and states that "CBD derived from hemp and cannabis is a federally-regulated controlled substance."

We know that the CDPH's statements stand to impact many of our member stakeholders who are conducting business in the state, and we are working with allied advocacy organizations to strategize an effective response.

Clip From the CDPH's published FAQ Document:

California incorporates federal law regarding food additives, dietary use products, food labeling, and good manufacturing practices for food. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 classified all forms of cannabis as a Schedule I drug, making it illegal to grow it in the United States.Currently, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has concluded that it is a prohibited act to introduce or deliver for introduction into interstate commerce any food (including any animal food or feed) to which tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or CBD has been added. This is regardless of the source of the CBD - derived from industrial hemp or cannabis.

Therefore, although California currently allows the manufacturing and sales of cannabis products (including edibles), the use of industrial hemp as the source of CBD to be added to food products is prohibited. Until the FDA rules that industrial hemp-derived CBD oil and CBD products can be used as a food or California makes a determination that they are safe to use for human and animal consumption, CBD products are not an approved food, food ingredient, food additive, or dietary supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What forms of Industrial hemp derived products will and will NOT be allowed in food in California?
Will be allowed in food (without any claim for health benefits): 
  • Seeds derived from Industrial hemp 
  • Industrial hemp seed oil or hemp seed oil derived from industrial hemp 

Will NOT be allowed in food: 
  • Any CBD products derived from cannabis 
  • Any CBD products including CBD oil derived from industrial hemp 
  • Hemp oil that is not derived from industrial hemp seeds 
  • Industrial hemp seed oil enhanced with CBD or other cannabinoids 
Read all of the "CDPH FAQ - Industrial Hemp and Cannabidiol (CBD) in Food Products" document here.

Monday, July 24, 2017

New Industrial Hemp Farming Bill Expected from Rep. Comer

The Industrial Hemp Farming Act will finally be introduced later this week! Congressman James Comer expects to introduce his first Federal hemp bill which will have a few changes to garner more support.
  • Vote Hemp successfully advocated for provision to include tribes following the Menominee district court ruling
  • We advocated to increase THC levels and gained a compromise that allows research on hemp up to 0.6% THC
  • Chair Goodlatte added provision that requires states to make licensee address and crop location data available to state Attorney General
  • Rep. Comer has told House leadership this bill is his #1 priority and we are hopeful that it can receive a vote and pass this year
  • We expect a Senate companion bill after the House bill is introduced
The Appropriations process is underway and we have been working with Sen. Merkley and Sen. McConnell as well as Rep. Comer to ensure that pro-hemp limiting language will be included to help protect hemp pilot programs from federal agency interference. 

A number of licensed hemp farmers have been denied access to water for irrigation. We were contacted by a farmer in Montana with this problem and worked with our attorney to draft a letter informing the Bureau of Reclamation that hemp grown under the farm bill is 100% legal and they are incorrect to withhold water from Farm Bill compliant hemp growers.  

In addition, Sen. Bennet (D-CO) has introduced SB 1576 to resolve the water access issue along with 5 of his western state colleagues. This will bring more pressure for the Industrial Hemp Farming Act to be passed as it highlights the challenges Farm Bill growers face.  

We were pleased that 6 state hemp bills passed this session and 5 were signed into law (Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, Utah and Wyoming). The Arizona bill was vetoed due to lack of funding for the Ag. Dept. to implement it.  We worked closely with activists and legislators in 3 of those states plus a number of other states where legislation or regulations didn't pass so far this year including Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Maine, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas. 

We have been doing outreach to members of Congress in states where hemp bills have passed to educate them and gain their support for the Comer bill when it drops.  So far we have met with 15 offices from Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia and Wyoming.

We are seeing a concerning trend this year of GW Pharmaceuticals promoted state CBD legislation to classify CBD as a scheduled drug under state laws. We tracked several dozen bills that were introduced so far and worked with Bluebird Botanicals to get supporters to push back on a bill in Nebraska and were successful in getting it amended.  

We will be back in touch soon to request that you write your Representative and urge that they support the new Industrial Hemp Farming Act after it is introduced.  

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Governor Cuomo promotes Hemp products

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation on Wednesday that is aimed at promoting the growth of industrial hemp in New York.
The new law amends existing statute to ensure that industrial hemp is considered an agricultural product and is treated in the same way that other crops and seeds are, according to the bill. It establishes an industrial hemp seed certification program, authorizes industrial hemp data collection, directs state agency coordination on funding and support for hemp research and businesses, and requires the creation of an industrial hemp website to provide information and technical assistance to hemp producers and manufacturers.

"The uses are all across the board, and we can develop more," Cuomo said at a bill signing event in Ithaca, noting the production of hemp pasta. "I really believe this is going to be not just an agricultural boon if we do it right, but it will also be a manufacturing boon because the processors are all on the manufacturing side and they were really looking for someone in this country to step up and take the lead."
Cuomo proposed and won in the state budget an elimination of the 10-site cap on the number of farms that can grown and manufacture hemp.
Hemp is derived from the same plant as marijuana, but has a low level of THC, the chemical that gets users high. That has led to thick federal regulation of hemp.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Missouri Hemp Bill goes to full Senate 2017

House Bill 170, Industrial Hemp Bill, sponsored by Paul Curtman was voted on (5 for and 1 against) in the Senate Agriculture Committee.  It now goes to the full Senate floor.

Contact your Missouri State Senator Now.

Hemp for All!!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Missouri Hemp Farming 2017 (HB 170)

Missouri House committee passed a bill that would remove industrial hemp from the state’s list of controlled substances and create a program for the licensing and regulation of hemp growers and handlers. Passage into law would set the foundation to nullify the unconstitutional federal prohibition on the same, in practice.

Rep. Paul Curtman, introduced House Bill 170 (HB170) on Jan. 4. The legislation removes industrial hemp from the state’s list of controlled substances and designates it as an agricultural crop. The bill includes a “shall issue” licensing and monitoring program that would allow larger producers to cultivate hemp for commercial purposes.

On Monday, the House Agricultural Policy Committee passed HB170 by a 10-3 vote.
Under the proposed law, hemp production would be limited to fields greater then 2.5 acres, and does authorize small-scale or home grown hemp for commercial purposes. While these limitations are not ideal, a similar restriction was originally in place in Oregon. Over time as the public’s fear of hemp subsided, an effort began to get the regulations relaxed. In In 2016, Gov. Brown signed a bill into law removing any and all plot-size restrictions on commercial hemp. (learn more here)

The bill includes a provision allowing farmers to retain seeds for planting the year following a harvest. In some states, seeds are extremely hard to come by when they cannot be retained year over year and farmers have to rely on the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) for their supply.
To defuse law enforcement opposition and address claims that industrial hemp would be indistinguishable from it’s sister plant, marijuana, the legislation also includes a provision which allows the Department of Agriculture to require an “Industrial Hemp Monitoring System,” which is defined in the bill as:
an electronic seed-to-sale tracking system that includes, but is not limited to, testing and data collection established and maintained by a grower or handler and available to the department for purposes of documenting and for monitoring agricultural hemp seed and industrial hemp plant development throughout the life cycle of an industrial hemp plant cultivated as an agricultural product from seed planting to final packaging.
Significantly, HB170 does not require growers to get federal permission to cultivate hemp in the state.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hemp Technologies coming to America

We would like to thank all of you for all your efforts to support industrial hemp around the world! We are a big family! HT is proud to be part of your hemp reality!

We supply the materials and install Hempcrete into your new home, renovation, addition or cabin - anywhere !! From the North Pole to the Antarctic, we help with design, build and logistics for all your hemp building dreams. Our Hemp Busters will go anywhere to build with hemp. Contact us BIG NEWS!

1.Founder of HT Mr. Greg Flavall is returning to the USA after stewarding hempcrete in New Zealand. Our Kiwi returns to help you hempbust your hemp and lime project! We have just finished filming with Grand Designs! Stay tuned for the episode release.

2.Portland, OR Workshop SATURDAY, FEB. 13th

3.Southern California Workshop SATURDAY, MARCH 19th Greg will be at this workshop in person!! Meeting the man in person and learn how to take your hemp home dream to the next level.

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10.Check out our F & Q page HERE Thanks from the HT Team! Anndrea, Greg and Joy Washington Cannabis Summit 2016 Seattle. Learn about this optimal hemp and lime-based insulation material from international experts Hemp Technologies, the builders of the first permitted hempcrete homes in the U.S.!

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Hempcrete, a long since known building material made from industrial hemp and a lime-based binder, provides the healthiest possible construction for a safe, high quality indoor air environment. It is mold-resistant, rot-resistant, fire-resistant and pest-resistant. Hempcrete is a carbon negative, carbon sequestering building material that is durable and recyclable, lasting hundreds of years. Hempcrete regulates temperature and has a high vapor permeability, so it can absorb and release water, allowing it to respond to changing humidity levels and creating a “breathable wall.” Experience the earthly science, creativity, outstanding performance and low embodied energy of building with hemp and lime ~ come to one of our Hempcrete Workshops, led by a world class team of industry leaders, experienced hemp builders and professional instructors who promise to engage and amaze!

REGISTRATION FEE: $200 (U.S.) includes all materials, tools and protective gear for your own hempcrete block, along with breakfast fruit, coffee, and a delicious lunch during the workshop. Pre-registration is required. Bring your own water bottle. Go to to register! QUESTIONS? Please contact Joy Beckerman at or (206) 383-6000. SOCAL

WORKSHOP TEAM: Attendees at our SoCal Hempcrete Workshop are in for a special treat! Hemp Technologies Co-Founder Greg Flavall will be there in person and larger than life all the way from New Zealand, along with our globally recognized President Anndrea Hermann, M.Sc, B.GS, P.Ag. and Lead Instructor Joy Beckerman. Hemp Technologies built the first permitted hempcrete homes in the U.S., and there are over 50 years of combined industrial hemp experience between these three internationally renowned hemp industry leaders.

PORTLAND WORKSHOP TEAM: Hemp Technologies Lead Instructor Joy Beckerman will conduct this engaging Portland Hempcrete Workshop, along with our globally recognized President Anndrea Hermann, M.Sc, B.GS, P.Ag. and larger than life Co-Founder Greg Flavall, who will participate via live Skype video from Canada and New Zealand.

Please also forward this email to family, friends and colleagues.

  Our mailing address is: Hemp Technologies Collective Box 484 Kleefeld, Manitoba R0A 0V0 Canada