Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Governor Hickenlooper Signs Hemp Farming Bill

Denver, CO (May 29,2013)—Governor Hickenlooper has signed SB 13-241 into law.  This is the Hemp Farming Bill for the state of Colorado.  Legally, Colorado can now distribute licenses to farm Hemp.

Farmers in Colorado can now apply for a 10 acre research plot or they can apply for larger farms.  The research plots are to aid in forecasting which cultivars are the best for the region and the desired outcomes.

The federal hemp farming bill, HR 525 is currently being speared headed by McConnell and Rand Paul of Kentucky.  The difference with Kentucky is the Hickenlooper had the courage to sign the law as Beshear just let it become law without declaration either way.

Steven Wilson of the Missouri Hemp Network had this to say about the signing, “Colorado has been leading and now appears to have an advantage.  With Hemp farming, you need a certain level of maturity both as a society and as a government.  Colorado farmers are not afraid and Colorado politicians are listening to the voter.  Colorado is setting a great examples of how to govern in the 21st century.”

With Hemp History starting on June 3rd this signing makes it more significant because now Hemp farming is viable in multiple states.  Wilson added, “Being able to tell people that hemp is viable in Colorado and Kentucky now makes the conversation real rather than dream.  Missouri voters have started to acknowledge that if America is going to recover it will do so with hard work not empty promises.  If done properly, Hemp can bring America back”.

Another glaring realization about these votes on the Cannabis Sativa L family is that people have started to lose faith in the federal government.  It appears to have no utility other than to justify itself with Federal politicians ignoring the voters while adding value to their campaign war chests.

Americans want a safe home, country, and planet.  Farming Hemp is green in your wallet and organic every place else.  Hemp is common sense for the every man.


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