Saturday, May 4, 2013

Colorado Hemp Farming Bill moves onto House floor

Denver, CO (May 4, 2013)—The Missouri Hemp Network announces that SB 13-241, the Hemp Farming bill in Colorado,  goes now to the House of Representatives for a floor vote after it has passed unanimously out of the House Appropriations and House Agriculture Committee.

As other states sputter along with non-votes or underwhelming research hemp bills which are just repetitive of past studies, Colorado seemingly shows us the way.  Their Hemp farming bill passed unanimously out of the Senate Agriculture committee and then the Senate Appropriations.  It passed out of the Senate without contest.

Steven Wilson of the Missouri Hemp Network had this to say about the vote, “Colorado is leading by example.  Their politicians are using the utility of a thing rather than the theory of it.  Their growing pains will take place, but the outcome will be prosperity.  Hemp is not activism, it is economics.”

Wilson noted that some twenty states now have Hemp legislation pending this year.  But Colorado, Washington, and North Dakota again seem to have the path.  Kentucky passed SB 50, but the Governor issued a non-vote of confidence by not signing it nor issuing a veto. 

Whether or not SB 358, the Missouri Hemp farming bill, becomes law is a guess at this moment, but there is one thing quite clear.  Colorado understands the market device and is listening to the voters.  With annual sales of over 500 million in 2012, it seems only Colorado wants that wealth or job creation.

Wilson added, “It does take a certain level of maturity to farm Hemp.  It is not just the farmer or the supply chain, but the entire area.  Canada had growing pains and has gone through adaptation.  Now, their farmers produce something the market can bear.  To farm Hemp you need courage, vision, and integrity.  Not all states are the same.”

To find out more about SB 358 please contact Jason Holsman at .

To contact Steven Wilson at  the Missouri Hemp Network you can call 573-416-0075 or you can go to or

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