Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kentucky Hemp Bill now goes to Governor Steve Beshear

The many lives of Hemp Bill 50 now has another one at the end of session.  Thought to be dead, many including Commissioner Comer had left, but Adkins and others kept the talks going.  The main sticking point appeared to be the connection to the university system and their respective agriculture departments.

Commissioner Comer also lost his position during the late compromise, although Comer had been the strongest proponent for Hemp in Kentucky, he will now reside as Vice Chair on the Hemp commission.

With all of the excitement, something had gotten lost.  The bill still needs to be signed, and with opposition from the police and others like Greg Stumbo, the Governor has yet to decide how he would respond to a Hemp Bill.

If there is any merit to these proceedings, it has given the American voter the chance to witness politicians and their respective skill and intellect.  The voters of Kentucky now know who the body politic serves.  They also know what they fear.

The House passed with a vote of 88 – 4 and the Senate passed with 35 – 1. 

Governor Steve Beshear is now in play.

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