Monday, March 11, 2013

American Firm earns “Bio Preferred” Placement from US Department of Agriculture for Industrial Hemp

Colorado based EnviroTextiles has earned the right to sell and promote Industrial Hemp final products from the United States Department of Agriculture.  The program is featured as a beginning to Americans operating in environmental markets of scale. 

Barbara Filippone, owner of EnviroTextiles, has been working with Industrial Hemp for twenty years and has created thousands of jobs in other countries due to the Federal mandate that Hemp is considered a controlled substance.  The placement is significant because now Filippone can use her expertise to aid the American economy still trying to work itself out of the hole of Recession.

 Americans can invest in themselves and their neighbor.  Instead of sending wealth and jobs abroad, Industrail Hemp can get America back to a stable growth pattern even as a mature economy.

Currently, there are no firms in Missouri allowed this placement for Industrial Hemp by the Department of Agriculture.  Senator Jason Holsman of Kansas City has sponsored a Missouri Industrial Hemp bill, but it appears to be in limbo.

Industrial Hemp has built economies of scale and secured the Middle class in countries like Canada, Poland, China, and it is now starting in the Philippines.  It has also aided former soviet block countries like the Czech Republic with environmental issues as well as trade.

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