Monday, April 22, 2013

Colorado Hemp owner Ryan Loflin prepares for new Hemp market

Springfield, CO (April 22, 2013)—Ryan Loflin has leased 60 acres from his father for the purpose of cultivating Hemp and his company, Colorado Hemp, is also set to press the seed for the oil.  He does this to get a head start in the new hemp market in Colorado.

This is made possible with the passage of Amendment 64.  Last November, the state of Colorado legalized hemp farming while it also changed the way it looks at marijuana smokers.

Loflin is one of many interested in finding out what Canadian hemp farmers already know.  But there are many more battles to be fought.

American hemp farmers still need to get by the federal government.  There is also the variable called access to seed.  The farmers must also acknowledge their own supply chain, because without it, their crop yields will be wasted.  And lastly if not the most grand of them all, the American Hemp farmer must remove permanently the stigma of being a “Hemp Farmer”.  Marijuana is in the same botanical family as Hemp, but they are not the same chemically.  Hemp is classified as a narcotic by law only.  It is a commodity for everyone else.

Loflin has already prepared a small number of hemp plants indoors.  He also plans to process seed in his company for other growers.  He is most interested in the oil side of Hemp rather than the fiber.  The market currently is much stronger for oil.

All American Hemp farmers would deal with the same trials as Ryan Loflin.  The one that they fear most is the total withdrawal of Federal crop coverage and insurance.

As anyone can see, passing a few laws and getting someone to vote is a small measure indeed.  The market requires much more than any politician can comprehend.  Real Americans doing real work.

Hemp makes things possible, but an up hill battle hurts us all.  Peace.

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