Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Year of Hemp

It may sound strange but I feel confident about the future of Industrial Hemp.  The advances in automotive and food production alone have made it a permanent fixture in any economy of scale around the world.  And as such, several countries have made the choice to get into the business of Hemp.

It is my wish that the American farmer will do the same.  But with time comes the burden of truth.  The american farmer does not get perfect information about what hemp can do for them and this country.  This is why this blog has begun.  It is my hope that we as a state and as a people can start to break down those barriers of ignorance and greed to let the truth of Industrial Hemp find it's place in our homes, hearts, and commerce.

The blog will grow with feedback and participation.  I hope it can become something people can rely for shopping, legal cases, innovations both home and abroad.  I do my very best to keep the information posted here fresh and in real time.  I hope this network can spread the joy of Industrial Hemp to those currently in the dark.

It has begun.  2013 is the year of Hemp.  Peace to us all!!

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