Monday, August 17, 2015

Industrial Hemp advocate Steven Wilson exploring Presidential run in 2016

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (August 14, 2015)—The founder of the Missouri Hemp Network, Steven Wilson, has to decided to explore the possibility of a Presidential campaign in 2016.

Wilson stated a few reasons why he is thinking of running for President: "The choices the American voter has right now are so divisive that logic and reason can’t survive. I also have been waiting for a candidate to appear who cares for the American working man and those less fortunate within our own society. As we are now in a political time of perpetual campaigning year after year I decided that waiting was a waste of time."

Wilson founded the Missouri Hemp Network in 2010 as a consumer based education network to aid Missourians in comprehending the final products from cultivating Industrial Hemp. He began this work originally in 1995 in Tennessee.

Wilson is no stranger to politics. He has worked with state politicians in data mining and drafting bills for industrial Hemp. Wilson has also been a candidate twice here in Missouri running under the Libertarian party banner.

Asked why he is contemplating a national Write-in campaign, he said: "James Madison was right about factionalism in America. The major two parties are perfect examples of what he warned us about, and more closely to myself, the LP of today is not the LP of 1996. The people have changed as well as the founding principles of the LP which made it attractive and worthwhile. I started out as a Green Party member (Green Road) because of Industrial Hemp and middle class quality of life, but found the LP to be more aggressive about individual sovereignty. But that LP is gone now. And finally, a Write-in campaign is labor intensive. The voter cannot just check a symbol and run. The voter will investigate and discuss and physically write down their chosen leadership. Write-In campaigns force voters to be accountable and informed."

Wilson is not running a single issue campaign. He is working on a much broader canvas which includes reform for Medicaid, taxation, Military, Prison, education, Electoral, Judicial, and trade.

To find out more about Steven Wilson and his exploratory matters please go to

Phone: 573-416-0075

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Steven Wilson- President

P.O. Box 113

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Might take it to the next level. I will wait and see how much support I can muster.

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