Monday, July 8, 2013

Darius Dunn with Hemp products in his 'Made in Hemp' Store at Long Jetty

Mr Dunn, a founding member of the Hemp Association of NSW, has been wholesaling hemp products for several years and has just opened the latest unusual business in the newly trendy suburb of Long Jetty, Made in Hemp.
``My interest in hemp began when my young son was suffering from severe eczema a few years ago,'' he said.
``We had tried a lot of treatments without success and someone suggested hemp cream, which cleared the condition up.''
Mr Dunn began researching the medicinal and health values of the plant in earnest and eventually traveled to Canada, which has a thriving hemp cultivation program, to discuss bringing the products to Australia.
He began wholesaling the goods to health food stores, eventually complementing them with clothing.
``Many people hear the word hemp and think of marijuana,'' he said.
``But hemp is especially cultivated from the cannabis plant and selectively bred to eliminate the psychoactive constituent THC.
``What many people don't realize is that hemp has been used for thousands of years for the health benefits of its seeds and oils.
``Hemp fiber has also been used for many centuries to make sturdy, environmentally friendly clothing.''
The Hemp Association of NDS is working with other state associations to establish a national body and lobby the government to make hemp cultivations in Australia a financial possibility.

**Hemp is legal to cultivate in Australia with a License.  Thank you those who sent emails and made comments to correct the error.  Cheers.


  1. Hemp is already being cultivated in Australia by Ecofibre and by Pure Delight.

  2. Hemp is legal to cultivate in Australia with a licence, that is now, thankfully, readily available and not too complex. Each State in Australia has different licence requirements, but all Governments are becoming wiser in Australia about the remarkable benefits of hemp products and hemp uses. See the latest technology advances in processing hemp at